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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be coached over the phone?

Yes! One of the wonderful benefits of coaching is the flexibility that it provides to clients to take place virtually, either over the phone or through video chat services like Skype. When life takes you on the road or an early morning finds you content to huddle in the comfort of your home in your footie pajamas, a coaching session does not require additional effort. While in-person coaching is often a positive experience and is possible, the majority of coaching sessions take place virtually.

Can I use corporate or professional development funds to pay for coaching?

Yes, it can be done!  If your employer is not already aware of the benefits to coaching, it will be your job to show them the value or ROI (return on investment) to gain their financial support. The International Coaching Federation outlines the following statistics on coaching: 70% of people who have used a coach report improved work performance, 80% report increased confidence, 72% report increased communication skills, and 96% report that they found the process very valuable and would do it again. Be prepared to detail a few goals that you hope to achieve by working with a coach and how that value will translate to the company. Finally, be prepared to negotiate the terms of your coaching agreement.  Perhaps your employer would pay for half of the bill, but go in asking for more. You never know, it may be easier than it looks. And the benefit is clear.

Can you direct bill my employer?

Indeed. If you do prove successful in securing professional development funds to pay for coaching, Joe will work directly with your employer’s HR representative to offer a direct billing solution. This will limit your upfront out of pocket expenses leaving you at the mercy of time consuming corporate reimbursement processes.

Can I buy coaching as a gift for somebody else?

Yes! Often we can see our loved ones struggling with direction or motivation and it's hard for us to stand by. Our well-intentioned words of advice or encouragement come loaded with misguided biases because we "only want what's best" for them or believe that they "just need to" do this one thing to get things moving. Only in a coaching relationship, is the friendship or family lens removed to tap into an individual's core motivators and goals.

If you believe that coaching would benefit somebody in your life and you want to make it happen for them, contact Joe to talk about 3 or 6-month options by filling out the form below for a complimentary session.

Moreover, during the complimentary session the recipient of your gift feels that life coaching or our partnership is not a fit, you will receive a full refund before the coaching begins.

Do you take insurance?

While both helping modalities that can complement one another, coaching is not therapy. Health insurance pays for the treatment of a defined set of disorders. Even though a toxic relationship or the stresses of low life satisfaction may contribute to some mental health problems, such conditions are not covered by insurance.  In fact, to be able to use health insurance you usually have to be given a diagnosis. Coaching brings a person from an area of function toward improved performance, and does not deal in instances of dysfunction. Certified coaches are trained to identify signs where therapy or counseling might benefit a client, and appropriate referrals to medical professionals are made.

What does a coaching partnership look like?

To see what Life Coaching with Joe looks like, click the button below for an overview of the process. A combination of assessment, reflection, goal setting and devoted accountability make up a valuable coaching partnership. Start your personal coaching journey by scheduling your free coaching session.

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