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Intention to Launch

building lifelong success beyond the nest

This program is a results-driven partnership, designed to guide and empower emerging adults as they prepare to leave home and discover their ideal lives. The path to independence can be complicated, but it’s always possible.

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The secret to sustainable change and success is intentionality.

That’s why my process begins with everyone defining their intentions and goals. Parents name their non-negotiables and hopes. And their emerging adult is empowered to embrace curiosity, dream big, and define their ideal lives. After all, life is too short to be ordinary. This starting point allows me to effectively advocate for everyone involved. It allows parents to take a step back and evolve into a supporting role while I facilitate. And that boundary gives everyone the room they need to grow, and then come back together closer and healthier than ever before.

Once I discern clear expectations, I partner with everyone to establish systems that insist upon success for all

I take a personal approach, defining attainable concrete steps toward our ultimate goals and providing compassionate accountability along the way. As we clear bigger and bigger hurdles through intentional change and action, confidence grows. Lifelong skills are gained and these growing victories add up to lasting independence, mature parent-child relationships, and truly sustainable success.


Whatever your circumstances, I can help.

I have partnered with families of all types and sizes, and they each have one thing in common; they’re surprised to see how their emerging adult’s newfound independence revitalizes their relationships and family as a whole. Together, we can turn intention into reality.

“Life is too short to be ordinary.”

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The Process


Define Intentions

The parents name their non-negotiables and goals, while Joe helps their emerging adult discover and define their ideal life beyond the nest.


Intentional Design

Joe surfaces and acknowledges the
underlying needs behind everyone’s wants in order to build a personalized, attainable, and sustainable path forward for everyone.


The Journey of a Lifetime

The parents shift from management to consulting, while Joe coaches their emerging adult, keeping them accountable on their path to independence and lifelong success.

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Lifelong Results


Other launch programs attempt to accomplish results through group-based adventure experiences like mountaineering or rock climbing. They disconnect participants from their typical environments, attempting to make changes in a bubble.

My personalized approach relies on operating within their current environments and realities. I empower my clients to integrate intentionality into their everyday world and daily choices. Working with all members individually and collectively, I facilitate healthy boundaries within families so they can form deeper, lasting connections in the long term. We’re aiming for more than a singular mountaintop experience. Our goal is a true launch into independence that yields sustainable, lifelong, and life-changing results.

Working with Joe will move you from the intention to launch to intentionally launched.

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