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Client Testimonials

Photo of Client Matthew McGarvey


"Joe is the extreme sports version of human emotional development."

- Matthew McGarvey, CEO, Either&​​

Live Intentionally

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What Joe's Clients Say

Photo of client Sally

I was unsure of what to expect when I heard the term "Life Coach". In all honesty I thought it might be a little hippie-dippy for my taste, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Joe showed me how to live life intentionally and make the most out of my time. I found I didn't have to rework my entire life, I just needed to make a plan that held me accountable for accomplishing my goals. I have greatly reduced my anxiety and found ways to feel more successful in what can be a very stressful world. I am very thankful for having had the opportunity to work with such a talented professional such as Joe and I would highly recommend him!

Sally, Elementary Teacher & Children's Author

Photo of Client Ben

I put my trust in Joe's coaching and will be benefitting from that decision for many years.  Desperate to become as productive as possible, navigating through a new situation added to an already full list of commitments, I needed flexibility, clarity and honesty.  Joe provided this and more to help me achieve success and stability.

Ben, CISSP, University of Chicago

Photo of Client Maureen

He is one of the most empathetic and capable people I have ever met.

Maureen, Graduate Student

Motivation supported by confidence that I have the tools; leaving here feeling really energized, even though we’ve been talking all day.

Longtime Client

Just recently I was in a windowless basement for 9 hours [of meetings] in rural Iowa. Least productive day. This [intensive session] was 1000x the productivity...and that was probably 10 grand worth of payroll in that room, and we walked away with no clear action steps.

All-day Coaching Intensive Participant

Photo of Client Wendy

Joe has a way of getting a client to speak of true purpose and reframe past thinking.  With his questions and intuitiveness, I have been able to overcome three obstacles that were holding me back for years.  This happened after only three conversations with him, imagine what life could look like after twelve.  I would recommend Joe to anyone and everyone.  His skills will change the world.

Wendy, Realtor, WI

Photo of Client Maddie

Caring, amazing, helpful, professional...these are just a few words to describe Joe the Coach. Joe offered his coaching skills to help me get through a challenging, busy time in my life. I was stuck in busyness and he guided me through sorting things out. The beauty is that I didn't give up any of my life's activities, everything is now in its place (prioritizing), making me feel fulfilled without chaos. Most recently, his calm demeanor and direct approach helped give me the shove I needed to complete a huge project that I had started...I completed the project...thanks Joe for your coaching expertise!

Mattie, RN

Photo of Client Lennart

Joe is always kind, helpful and ready to assist with things.  Joe made my transition towards living in the US much more enjoyable and something I will never forget!

Lennart, Business Development

It’s reassuring to see how it all can connect ... and it doesn’t make it feel like such a leap to do.

All-day Coaching Intensive Participant

There have been a number of WINS! listed in my journal since we met. At a high level, I feel like my approach is more positive - to everything. Stopping and thinking worst case scenario - there are very few true crisis moments! I’ve also been much more focused on prioritization of tasks/goals, resulting in much more intentional day to day tasks. (Imagine that!)

Longtime Client

Photo of Client Carlos

Before I went to Joe, I found myself feeling overwhelmed with life. In particular, where I wanted to see myself in my career and financial goals. After my first meeting with Joe, I said to myself, "This guy gets me." Moving forward, Joe helped me to see my life one day at a time. This allowed me to focus on the priorities that made it possible to obtain a full time job, rather than continue my limited term employment.  Working with Joe also gave me the ability to have someone I could rely on to help me stay the course; someone to bounce ideas and thoughts off of; and get some honest feedback. Long story short, if Joe hadn't come along at the time that he did, I wouldn't have the job and financial stability I have now.  I highly recommend him as if he were my own brother.  Give him a shot and I can assure you, he is more than someone who listens.

Carlos, STEM Academic Advisor

Photo of Client Jack

Joe was an ever-present figure. His support and advice proved invaluable as I had my first experience of study in a foreign country. He was always prepared to go above and beyond [...], and endeavoured to make our trip as full and rewarding as possible.

Jack, International Partnerships Officer, UK

[Joe has] a very calming way of talking. I feel a genuine interest.

Corporate Client

Things are really coming together and I feel more energized than ever before. Looking forward to our next chat.

Longtime Client

I always feel grounded and happy to tackle the week ahead after my coaching sessions with Joe.

Corporate Client

I've finally reached a significant milestone and overcame a large hurdle this week and a lot has to do with the work I've partnered on with Joe!

Executive Client

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